Our huge range of portable buildings can be the ideal solution to your office needs. We can provide temporary or permanent placement of buildings which can be freestanding or attached to an existing building or factory. Your office can include almost any necessity you may have and can be a perfect fit to suit your space, budget and overall requirement. You may choose from our existing floor plans or we can custom design a layout, complete with almost any inclusion you may require, to meet your specific needs.

Perfect for Single offices, Office complex, Training room, Control Rooms, Weighbridge offices.

Case Study: Remote Location Self Supported Office Complex:
A perfect example of the flexibility of our custom made portable buildings. This Office complex was designed for isolated remote locations and is completely self-supporting with no reliance on external services for power, water etc. It includes air conditioned office space, a communications hub and amenities and boasts portablility, practicality and complete self-management


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